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Cool hardy plants that we can’t resist. That’s what we offer here and at our sister site, Odyssey Bulbs.

Or to put it in mission-statement-speak: Odyssey Perennials seeks to offer some of the best and rarest perennials, shrubs, and trees for American gardens, as vigorous small plants, at a reasonable price. The catalog is taking 2019 off while we build inventory. Please visit our archived and no longer active 2018 catalog, browse around, and see if anything catches your fancy. 

Most of our plants are 2-year (or older) seedlings or divisions that originated at our nursery and spent the last growing season in deep 2-1/2-inch pots. All are vigorous and ready to establish quickly in your garden. And shipping is free for orders of $50 or more ($8 otherwise).

–Russell Stafford, Head Hortiholic

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Russell writes for the Fafard gardening blog