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Cool hardy plants that we can’t resist. That’s what we offer here and at our sister site, Odyssey Bulbs.

Or to put it in mission-statement-speak: Odyssey Perennials seeks to offer some of the best and rarest perennials, shrubs, and trees for American gardens, as vigorous small plants, at a reasonable price. Please check out our archived 2017 catalog, browse around, and see if anything catches your fancy.  Our 2018 catalog will debut in February.

Most of our plants are 2-year (or older) seedlings or divisions that originated at our nursery and spent the last growing season in deep 2-1/2-inch pots. All are vigorous and ready to establish quickly in your garden. And shipping is free for orders of $50 or more ($8 otherwise).

–Russell Stafford, Head Hortiholic

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Russell writes for the Fafard gardening blog

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